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Valerie Washington

Valerie Washington
Photo by: Marc Von Borstel
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

  • AFPA Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant

  • ACE Certified Orthopedic Speciality

  • NPTI Personal Training & Nutritional Counseling

  • CPR/AED Certified American Heart Association

  • Hudson Certified Life Coach

  • PGTCA Certified Golf Coach

  • AARP Life Reimagined Guide


My Philosophy as a Whole-Life Fitness Professional

At New Fitness Lifestyle we work our bodies the way that we use them. It is my experience that this is the most effective approach to achieving wholeness within our unique lifestyles.


“Combining years of in-depth exploration and life-long learning I know what it takes to succeed in partnership with my clients”

At age 67, I have likely walked in my clients' shoes. My client base is well established with active aging baby boomers that know regular structured physical exercise is a lifestyle imperative. As a breast cancer survivor I see my life as one to share, bringing value and encouraging others to find meaning in their lives. I incorporate a holistic approach using a wide range of skills and techniques gained over the years. My maturity and diverse background provides a level of objectivity and openness that is demonstrated by a willingness in my clients to transform non-productive habits into healthy sustainable patterns.


I was born and raised in New York. I graduated from Adelphi University, a private university located on Long Island. I studied Psychology and Business Marketing. My education and interests led me to experience a range of successful work settings that included manufacturing, retail, hospitality, venture capital, design, aviation, technology and health-care.

The growth I gained from joining Fortune 500 companies and small entrepreneurial businesses provided me with a vast array of skills. I lived and worked in St. Croix, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco and have enjoyed the last 16 years in Kirkland, WA.

As a learning and development specialist for a healthcare system I attended The Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara, CA., where I completed an in-depth Professional and Personal Coach Certification.

I play golf whenever I can, wherever I am. So that I could improve my game and help others, I attended and earned a coaching certification at PGTCA.

In 2005 my corporate skin began to wear thin. Working with my life coach I decided to make a career transition. I attended the Seattle location of NPTI and completed, with honors, the Personal Trainer and Nutritional Counseling program. I later went on to a Fitness Specialist position at Columbia Athletic Club in Juanita for 18 months.  During that time I studied and passed the Personal Trainer exam with ACE . My continuing education in FrameWork™ through The American Counsel on Exercise includes a specialty in Orthopedic Exercise Programing developed by leading sports medicine specialist and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Nicholas A. DiNubile.

Instructor Testimonial

“When I first met Valerie, it was very clear that she was in her element: Fitness. It was early in her education with NPTI, Seattle that her skills of communication, critical thinking and innovation were seen.
During her time at NPTI, she held her role of student leader with serious attentiveness which allowed Valerie to build upon her own education.
By far Valerie was a great addition to the program and a joy to have in class. As her instructor, I’m confident that her passion for the fitness industry will be contagious to all of her clients. As her peer, I’ll be looking forward to hearing of all the successes that she creates.”
Nate Regensburg BS, CSCS, CPT
National Personal Training Institute
Seattle, WA
Director of Education & Lead Instructor