Prehab and Rehab

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Don’t let hurt continue until it causes harm.

A 7-Step Program for regaining healthy Muscles, Bones and Joints. Based on FrameWork™

  • Prepare for joint replacement procedures
  • Continued rehabilitation of an old or new injury or misalignments
  • Address old injuries or ailments that cause structural flaws
  • Imbalances in musculature or flexibility that puts stress on joints
  • Improper alignment or anatomy problems
  • Tissue changes resulting from aging or other causes
  • Imbalances in strength, flexibility or both

Client Testimonials

"Valerie has a remarkable ability to design a program that meets the special needs of her clients. Her focus on improving core strength, balance, and muscle tone did more, in a very short time, to improve my chronic back problem than years of physical therapy. "
Kent S.

I am 72 years old. I began working with Valerie June 2013. After working with Valerie for about 6 months , I had knee replacement surgery. Following she worked in conjunction with my Physical Therapist to regain my strength and balance to its previous level. Within a few weeks after release, I participated in a 21 day tour of Europe, walking 5 to 6 miles a day, and climbing stairs.
Recently, I completed a raft trip down the Grand Canyon. I participated in all the activities.Valerie has been, and continues to be, a valuable resource in keeping me healthy and active. I highly recommend her for prehab, rehab, strength, flexibility, and balance training.
Ralph L.