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Welcome to Life-long Fitness as a Lifestyle

A state of wellbeing is progressive and on-going. It is not a goal driven event.

It’s never too late to get in shape and build a foundation for lasting wellbeing. When you train with New Fitness Lifestyle you can expect the experience to lead you to a deep belief in the value of exercise as a way of life – a priority. A well-being is a human being who encompasses the values and actions of healthy living in all its dimensions; body, mind and spirit. In order to thrive through the ages and stages of life we need to engage in healthy eating, intelligent training, mastery of stress, and mindful living.

My Vision

To offer premium and customized lifestyle fitness programs in a fun private studio or in the comfort of your own home. To provide personalized holistic programs to bring about a lasting commitment to optimal living.

My Mission

To inspire people to reach beyond limited goal setting paradigms by instilling the awareness and experience of life-long fitness as an imperative.

"At 61 Valerie is truly an inspiration. Not only is she beautiful, she is fit, powerful, happy and independent.
Kate R.

"Valerie has a remarkable ability to design a program that meets the special needs of her clients."
Kent S.

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